some of my favorite past witches

all these sisters are in private collections 

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Sculpting a character head

Your class will be emailed to you after payment received.  


Pumpkin Heads

These cast resin heads that I have sculpted and painted myself. They are limited editons and three different faces to choose from. sad, grumpy, and laughing. Each one takes on its own personality as it gets painted. Please specify which one you would like. They are aprox 4 inches tall.

Each one is hand painted and sealed with a felt bottom to protect the surface on which they sit. 


$75.00 +$12.00 shipping

Hanging witches

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Good sister

 Bad sister

Here we have two sisters, one good and one not so good ( or maybe just misunderstood?) , they are a limited edition, cast in a high resin and then hand painted and "dressed " with a hat high quality wool felt and trims, each one is uniquely different, even though they are cast , they are hand painted so each one ends up looking a little different! Each head comes with a sturdy cord on which to hang them by.

I can make their hair a different shade, I have red, carrot red,  black, gray and white. I can also paint the eyes a different color if you want something other than the normal green.  Just specify which witch you would like and what color of hair  Please allow me 2 weeks for custom orders. 

There are 2 Witch heads to choose from good witch and bad witch.

Please message me your choice though messenger or by hitting the button below.

$99.99+ $13.00 shipping